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The Pavina Handbag Holder Story

Dear Fashion Conscious Friend,

I believe, just as I’m sure you do … that before you do business with someone, it’s always good to know a little about that person. Before I launched the Pavina Handbag Holder line, I worked for Northrop Grumman and later a company called Idealab.

While on a flight home from Hawaii one day, I began flipping through a magazine and noticed an ad that caught my eye. The ad was selling a unique product called a handbag holder, that attaches to the top of a stall door or table and it holds your handbag so you don’t have to set it on the floor.

This idea made perfect sense to me. Take into account that studies prove the bottoms of most handbags are as germ-infested as toilet seats and it’s obvious this is a product almost every woman needs.

As I pondered this idea, I began to see an untapped opportunity. Sure, the idea of a handbag holder was a great one, but I truly felt I could build a better “mouse-trap”. That’s exactly what I set out to do. In 2008, my company MarloBrands, a jewelry and fashion accessory company was founded. My previous corporate experience has come in very handy in building this company.

The Pavina Handbag Holder
  1. First is the fact that many women want fashionable accessories that accentuate what they already have. Many spend good money on their handbags and to add a handbag holder that looks like it was bought at a cheap department store doesn’t sit well for many women. My Pavina Handbag Holder is perfect for an upscale purse or handbag. That’s because my one-of-a-kind designs are lead-free, and handset with genuine Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones.

  2. The second thing that sets the Pavina Handbag Holder apart from other handbag holders on the market is that they are unmatched in quality. My handbag holders have been professionally engineered, designed and tested to hold up to 35 pounds of weight. This means you’ll never have to fear the embarrassment of your purse falling down and spilling your contents everywhere.

I’m 100% committed to providing you posh handbag holder accessories that fit your personality and needs. If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to call me at 800-272-1759 or email me at

I’m always happy to hear from you. Thank you.


Paula Phelps

Paula Phelps

P.S. I invite you to try the Pavina Handbag Holder entirely at my risk.

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